The biggest Christmas tree in the world. Stretching 750 metres up the slopes of Mount Igino, above the medieval town, the Gubbio Christmas tree was listed in the Guiness Book of Records in 1991 and has never been rivalled.

Where can you see the Gubbio Christmas tree? Thanks to its height and its splendid coloured lights, it’s visible from miles away, you just have to find the right spot. To see this spectacle at its best, we suggest staying on the periphery of Gubbio, for example in the area of the Roman amphitheatre, near the sports stadium or on the curves in the road that goes to Perugia.”

 The biggest Christmas tree in the world is managed voluntarily by the “Alberaioli”, a group whose only concern is to celebrate Christmas. The lights are turned on every year on 7 December, the evening of the “vigila dell’Immacolata” in the religious calendar, and are turned off immediately after Epiphany. Management of the tree is linked to the project “Adopt a light”, which allows the possibility of purchasing a light (at €10.00) and making a dedication which will remain for a full year on the dedicated website, along with the countdown of days to 7 December.

 Gubbio, 29kms from Gualdo Tadino, is easily accessible within 25 minutes by car on the SS219.

 For further information about the Gubbio Christmas Tree

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