When making a visit to Umbria, you mustn’t leave out Lake Trasimeno and its islands. Now, there are three islands: Maggiore Island, which is inhabited, Polvese Island, the largest and highest, occasionally inhabited by a couple of families, and Minore Island or islet, which is private and uninhabited.

Historically, there were four islands: The fourth was Castiglione del Lago, which has ancient origins, first Etruscan and then Roman. Today it is a promontory and the principal town of Lake Trasimeno.

There are many attractions that bring visitors to the islands. On Maggiore Island, these include: the windmill; the “places of St. Francis” (it is said that this island was very dear to him), namely the Chapel and the rock where he drank; the Church of St. Michael the Archangel on the summit of the island, for which there is an entrance fee; and finally, the many romantic views over the lake. On Polvese Island, which is easily accessible and part of the Regional Park of Trasimeno, the attractions are: the Fort of Polvese; the Church of St. Giuliano; the ruins of the Olivetana Church of St. Secondo; and also here, many breathtaking views of the lake.

To get to Maggiore Island, there are numerous ferries leaving from several different landings. However, to get to Polvese Island, the ferry only leaves from San Feliciano.  For further information: Polvese Island ferries 2017, ferry timetables Maggiore Island 2017 and much more, visit the official site:  http://www.trasimeno.ws/isole_it.ht

Lake Trasimeno is about 65kms from Gualdo Tadino (naturally, it depends which part of the lake you go to).

To get there, the shortest route is the SS318 and the Ring Road 6 Bettole-Perugia/A1 Perugia.  In just under 50 minutes you can reach the east side of the lake.


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