Borgo Sant’Angelo, an “Albergo Diffuso” is first choice for a holiday in undiscovered Umbria

A taste of home, the tastes of a hotel,

The hotel was conceived  to provide an unforgettable life experience by providing all the services that a traditional hotel would offer, with some of the accommodation being provided a few steps from the hotel, in the heart of the historical centre of the town of Gualdo Tadino, and at about 300 metres away.

Bistrot is a French word that originally meant “tavern“. Later, it also came to mean “little cafè“. In fact, the bistro bar area of ?? the hotel is reminiscent of the taverns of yesteryear, with all their atmosphere and their aura.

In the bistro you can sample a vast range of wines, beers, and spirits typical of the area, offering a real sensory experience. Alongside, the reception is the first point of hospitality to our guests, the first welcome greeting.
The spaces have been set up with the intent to make them as simple as possible, in order to let guests feel at ease, as if they were in their own living room. The bistro bar is meant to be a place of encounter and exchange of views, in which every guest can meet others at any time of the day, to spend some totally carefree time savouring fragrant aromatic teas.
It’s here that you can see and get to know the extraordinary products to be found in this region, from delicious jams, aromatic honey, extra virgin olive oil harvested from the hillsides around Gualdo Tadino, to alcoholic spirits that are a part of the Gualdese history.

For breakfast, you can try the hot and freshly baked brioches, directly from the local bakery, accompanied by the intense aroma of fresh coffee.

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