Here the local folklore is a source of pride and an opportunity to get to know the origins of the city and the customs of life in the past.

Throughout the seasons, this area offers a variety of pageants and popular events for every interest, often accompanied by the remarkable and delectable local cuisine, rich in the traditions handed down in this fertile land, and made only with locally sourced produce in order to maintain the perfection of traditional flavours. With this in mind, you shouldn’t miss the “Open Olive Oil Mills” every year in the autumn, involving the major producers of DOP extra virgin olive oil in Umbria.

To best discover the history of Gualdo Tadino, you can stay in the hotel Borgo Sant’Angelo – Albergo Diffuso, a structure that recreates to perfection the atmosphere found in the squares and city streets: a wonderful example of a medieval town in the heart of the Umbria.



in accommodation equipped with every comfort and all the amenities typical of an hotel, in a romantic and peaceful setting, enhanced by the beauty and the furnishings in the rooms, defined by the four-poster beds. The public areas include a wonderful terrace and private parking, completing the services of the hotel which will take you back to another age.

Among the countless things to do and see, the “Giochi de le Porte”,in September, is the highlight.

an unmissable event during which the whole city goes back in time to revive its glorious past through competitions typical of the 15th century, amidst perfectly reconstructed historical tableau. Costumes, horse rides, races, and traditional foods captivate the thousands of visitors who crowd the streets every year.
For the occasion, the town flies the colours of its four quarters (San Martino, San Facondino, San Donato, and San Benedetto) which are bound by honour to contend for the prize of “San Michele Arcangelo”, bringing with it the opportunity to burn the ancient enemy of Gualdo: the witch who was held culpable of the terrible fire that caused the destruction of most of the city.


But Gualdo Tadino is also about nature and anyone staying in the area should visit the splendid source of “Rocchetta” water, located in a stunning landscape just a few kilometres from the centre of the city. The town is also perfectly placed for visiting some of the most renowned of Umbria’s beautiful cities : Assisi, Spoleto, Perugia, and Gubbio

Gualdo Tadino is conveniently situated to provide easy access to all the major places of interest in Umbria and it is also just a short distance from Le Marche.


Folklore is definitely amongst the distinctive features of this area and not just in the major cities.  The smallest villages also organise events and festivals celebrating ancient traditions.  The must-see events are the Calendimaggio in Assisi and the Festa dei Ceri in Gubbio, both in May, and the Giostra della Quintana in Foligno, in the months of June and September.

A very different, and more modern tradition is the Gubbio Christmas tree, the biggest illuminated tree in the world, which, as you would expect, can be seen in the winter, and Umbria Jazz festival, which takes place in Perugia in the summer.

The rooms

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