In a Bed & Breakfast converted from a former convent of 1200 it would be impossible not to have a


During the Middle Ages, the cloistered gardens were important places immersed in the silence of the abbeys. Secluded places, walled and protected, associated with an understanding of Paradise as a place of joy. They were called “gardens of the simple”, because of the simplicity of the herbs from which were extracted the essences of natural healing.

What was once the garden where, in the silence and stillness, the monks dedicated themselves to a meticulous and passionate work of cultivation of plants and aromatic and medicinal herbs, has become a green area designed for relaxation, at the disposal of hotel guests.

Clearly now very far from the original walled garden, which had a rich and ordered vegetation, fruit trees, plants, fountains, and streams, the garden of the Borgo Sant’Angelo, thanks to a skilful architectural renovation, has been transformed into a minimalist space of pure aesthetics, sophisticated, with an almost Zen atmosphere


A relaxing green space, modern tables and chairs, simple furnishing, is the green framework for a modern style, elegant, and refined, where guests can relax, sipping an organic herbal tea before breakfast, or just admiring the starry sky after dinner and before going to sleep.

This garden, strictly modern and plainly very far from the original, preserves all the essentials and the profound meaning of that ancient kitchen garden; order, harmony and a sense of quiet and peace that you will soon learn to appreciate.
Just as the hotel, the garden is also a corner where the old and the new meet in a fascinating and evocative union, where we have skilfully managed an architectural restoration, respecting style and period materials, without sacrificing all the services and amenities of a modern three-star hotel

The garden is the place to find yourself and relax 

after a day dedicated to the discovery of places immersed in nature, in beauty and in history, because this “Albergo Diffuso” is the ideal starting point for visiting the region. Tucked away in the historic centre of Gualdo Tadino,  it’s only a short distance from the source of the spring water “Rocchetta”, and a few kilometres from Assisi, Spoleto, Perugia, and Gubbio.

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