The pleasant surroundings of Gualdo Tadino are characterized by a lush vegetation and a great silence.

its hills are soft and green, its mountains are wooded and flourishing.


In every season, the beautiful trails located in the area are passable on foot, on horseback (following the appropriate bridleways) or by mountain bike (the mountain lends itself perfectly to cycle-tourism).  The possibilities for exercise, surrounded by stunning scenery, are unlimited here.  A few kilometres away from the town, in the Monte Cucco Park, the geological conformation allows anyone who is interested in speleology to visit the many caves that were formed underground: their halls and sources are among the most famous in Italy. You must at least visit the Abbadessa Caves and the Frasassi Caves (the latter in Le Marche and just a short distance from Gualdo Tadino).



the panorama of Valsorda and Serrasanta, with its hermitage, is unforgettable. Thankfully, to enjoy the beauty of these places it’s not necessary to engage in strenuous sports:  it is possible to take your time, walking in complete tranquility, relaxing and contemplating this wonderful natural landscape made up of countryside, caves, and snippets of history, conserved with care by the Umbrian people (we definitely recommend the tour of the city walls of Bevagna for historical interest, and for marvellous views the Marmore Waterfall, which leads to various paths for trekking). Perhaps for this very reason, the surrounding areas have been characterized over time by the presence of monasteries, sanctuaries, and churches: the spirituality that you can feel in these places is intense.

Among the best examples are the Eremo delle Carceri, the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, the Eremo di Fonte Avellana (in Le Marche).

One such place, the “Eremo di San Girolamo” of Monte Cucco is ideal for meditative thought:

it is composed of numerous cells built in medieval times. They are embedded in the rock, thus offering to pilgrims a view nothing short of sublime! The whole region is dotted with churches influenced by the presence of St. Francis of Assisi, the most remarkable spiritual figure of Umbria: the Sanctuary of Verna is the place where the saint received the stigmata in September of 1224. Another examples are the “Eremo delle Ceneri”, The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in the town centre and the Eremo delle Carceri,, near Assisi, which is ancient and evocative: it seems it was attended by the ascetics in early Christian times. Surrounded by forests of ancient larches, you can breathe a deep sense of serenity: here, St. Francis and his followers retreated in prayer.

But Gualdo Tadino itself sits in a natural landscape and it is only right, for anyone staying here to visit the splendid source of Rocchetta water, located in a stunning natural setting, a few kilometers from the town centre. A bit further away, but absolutely not to be missed, the natural beauty of the Marmore Waterfall, where, as well as breathtaking views, there are pathways and activities of varying difficulty, for those who want to take a relaxing stroll and the adventure seekers.

Gualdo Tadino is also perfectly placed for visiting some of the most famous towns of this region: Assisi, Spoleto, Perugia and Gubbio, with plenty to see and do.

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