One of the reception areas of the Borgo Sant’Angelo Hotel is the History Room

a corner dedicated to the past that invokes meditation and tranquility

Here there is a collection of accounts of local history and the people of Gualdo Tadino. Even the ceiling with its wooden beams harks to a distant past, when artisans were devoted to crafts working with natural materials, and to sewing and embroidery.

The bookcase in the room contains old texts written by famous authors, but also those of contemporary intellectuals, which narrate the suffering of emigration that has always been a part of life in this area.

This can also be seen in the “Pietro Conti” Regional Emigration Museum that is just a few metres away from the hotel: a well-presented and highly representative gem, which uses video projections to take the visitor on an emotional journey into the past:

the arrival, the journey, and the departure.

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