A little gem of taste and simplicityTHE OLD KITCHEN

The hotel, located just few a steps from the historic centre of the town, also has an old kitchen that welcomes guests who have chosen the bed & breakfast formula.
For a three-star hotel like this, the old kitchen seems a little gem of taste and simplicity.
It takes you back in time, to when the kitchen had everything you wanted for a big family, full of warmth: extending that feeling of hospitality to those who choose this hotel, to enjoy a period of relaxation.

Breakfast time in this romantic hotel is truly a time to enjoy to the full. You can serve yourself at the buffet placed on the old wooden credenza, broad enough to carry all that is needed for a wholesome breakfast with cakes, fruit juices, croissants, various cold meats, bread, butter, honey and jams, all locally produced.
You can choose to have a cappuccino, or perhaps one of our organic herbal teas, a tea, or a coffee, and choose either a sweet or savoury breakfast.

The atmosphere is one of calm, with tables for two, 4 or 6 people.
The room has details that cannot escape while you’re sipping your cappuccino or orange juice, which have a taste and smell that perhaps takes you back to when everything had more taste.
The furniture is in the style of this delightful hotel, all inspired by nature and simple living. The windows are the original in wood, with shutters and lace curtains. This is skilled work which is now carried out by few people.
Above the credenza is a large glass fronted cupboard with lace-lined shelves which is a framework to the fine furnishings.
On the walls hang metal or copper cookware, that were always used in the traditional kitchens, where food was cooked in the blazing heat of a large fireplace.

The scent of croissants coming from the local bakery will inebriate your senses, making you appreciate the care taken in their making.

Light flows in from the old windows and the terrace to illuminate this old kitchen, which has a wooden beamed ceiling to emphasize the use of natural materials, in line with the philosophy of the “Albergo Diffuso”..

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