one of the many must-see pearls of Umbria, Hotel Borgo Sant’Angelo – Albergo diffuso,

offers a three-star service, with every amenity and comfort, and an atmosphere which will remain with you.

The hotel is situated in one of the most attractive places of the region, not far from tourist destinations of international renown, rich in artistic and cultural treasures, such as Perugia, the regional capital and university city, famous for the beauty of its historical centre; Gubbio, famous for its palaces and its churches; Assisi, the city of Saint Clare and Saint Francis; and Spoleto, capital of the ancient Lombard duchy.

Hotel Borgo Sant’Angelo is a place with a romantic and intimate charm, able to pamper every customer and to convey all the serenity that comes from a region whose beauty is beyond compare: a city of art perfect for tourists, paths immersed in green, breathtaking landscapes, dozens of museum exhibitions, food and wine tours, and the source of water “Rocchetta”, will delight anyone who visits this unique corner of paradise.

In acknowledgement of the quality and authenticity of the gourmet products available in the area, the hotel offers its guests every kind of strictly biologic foods, including local culinary specialties and a range of very special and delicious organic herbal teas.

The hotel is located in the centre of the city, amidst a network of beautiful streets that lead into the main squares dominated by wonderful religious buildings, famous for their ceramics.
The medieval atmosphere that echoes in every corner of Gualdo Tadino is perfectly evoked by the names of the rooms with their four-poster beds.
A terrace with view and convenient parking complete the range of essential services offered by the hotel that stands out among the city hotels.
Gualdo Tadino represents a destination that every lover of history should be able to visit. Worthy of note are: the Rocca Flea, the ancient fortress that now hosts the Municipal Art Gallery and the Civic Museum; the beautiful “Chiesa di San Francesco” (Saint Francis Church), embellished with fresco paintings by Matteo da Gualdo; the “Basilica Cattedrale di San Benedetto” (St. Benedict Cathedral), dating from the thirteenth century; the “Palazzo del Podestà” with the Civic Tower, both built in the twelfth century.

The notable historical riches are combined with a unique natural setting, which reaches the height of its beauty in the villages of Rocchetta, Valsorda, and San Guido. Famous for their beauty are the Marmore Waterfall and the marvellous sights of the Abbadessa Caves and the Frasassi Caves (in Le Marche).


To fully appreciate the harmony between nature and the sights offered in Umbria, among the many itineraries for tourists is the tour of the ancient city walls of Bevagna, 1,700 metres long and dating from medieval times.  You should also not miss a visit to the islands of Lake Trasimeno.

The rooms

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